Amato Canal Branch

Western baked sweets & tea
Since 1929

Our shop has earned a loyal following of locals and visitors alike for over half a decade. We are best known for sweets such as “Cream Zenzai”, a renowned Otaru favorite, and “Marron Koron”, a crisp, three-layer handmade sable.
Otaru-inspired cookies such as “Unga no Tsuki” (Moon over the Canal) and “Otaru Sweet Dori” (Sweet Street) make perfect souvenirs. We also offer a menu of specials limited to Amato in the Otaru Canal Terminal.

Shop Info

Tel 0134-31-0141
Fax 0134-31-0143
Address Ironai1-1-12  in Otaru Canal Terminal
Hours 9:00~19:00
Parking No
Holiday Open Daily
Customer Toilets Yes
Pets Allowed No
Wheelchair Access Yes