Bakudan-Yaki Hompo

Huge! Delicious!
Giant octopus dumpling!?

Weighing in at 200 g and 8 cm in diameter, “Bakudan-Yaki” (“bombshell dumpling”) is our take on Japan’s classic “takoyaki” octopus dumpling! It may look like a normal takoyaki from the outside, but with 10 fillings inside is as nutritious as it is satisfying. We’ve tried to bring together the best parts of “takoyaki” with “okonomiyaki” and “monjayaki” style griddle cakes. Hot, steamy, crispy, fluffy, and gooey all at once, you’ll find it hard to resist trying another!
Regular from 400 yen. Our owner recommends the cheese mix flavor, 450 yen.

Shop Info

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