LeTAO Plus

Try our popular cream parfait

In addition to its lineup of LeTAO’s quintessential cheesecakes, cookies, and chocolates, this store offers a take-out corner.
Our soft-serve ice cream is always popular, including vanilla, chocolate, mix, and cheese flavors. Don’t forget to try the special “Cream Parfait” only available at this store!
The combination of double fromage and raspberry sauce is irresistible!

Shop Info

Tel 0134-31-6800
Fax 0134-31-6801
Address Sakaimachi5-22
Hours 9:00~18:00
(Depending on season)
Parking Yes  ※LeTAO special contracted parking lot (Momijien Otaru Irifune No. 1 Parking Lot)
Holiday Open Daily
Customer Toilets Yes
Pets Allowed No
Wheelchair Access No
URL http://www.letao.jp/