Music Box Kaimeiro Head Store

Bringing Otaru’s music box culture to the world

The gentle, nostalgic tune of music boxes epitomizes Otaru. So, we created the “Otaru Orgeldoh” twenty-five years ago, and then later opened the “Orgeldoh® Kaimeiro”. We offer not only retail sales, but comprehensive business from production to wholesale, and have even developed patented music box assembly machines. Mix and match cases and melodies to suit your style, or try assembling your own music box at the attached hands-on workshop. We also offer low prices on order-made music boxes.

Shop Info

Tel 0134-23-6505
Fax 0134-23-6506
Address Sakaimachi1-20
Hours Summer 9:00~20:00
Winter 9:00~19:00
Parking No
Holiday Open Daily
Customer Toilets Yes
Pets Allowed Yes
Wheelchair Access Yes