Ramen Rikyu-Tei

Light and fresh-tasting ramen noodles

Our most popular dishes are Rikyu-men (slightly spicy vegetable egg-drop ramen soup), Sapporo-style miso ramen, and Otaru’s own local favorite ankake yakisoba (fried noodles in a thick, glossy sauce). We also take great pride in our gyoza dumplings and steamed pork.
Rikyu-men 700 yen / Sapporo Miso Ramen 700 yen / Ramen (Soy or Salt) 650 yen / Vegetable Ramen 750 yen / Green Onion Ramen 800 yen / Ankake Yakisoba 800 yen / Gyoza 400 yen

Shop Info

Tel 0134-29-0082
Fax 0134-29-0082
Address Sakaimachi2-11
Hours 11:30~19:00
Parking No
Holiday Tuesday
Customer Toilets Yes
Pets Allowed No
Wheelchair Access No