Rishiriya Minoya – Furo-kan

Sharing Hokkaido’s excellent kelp with the world

Even in the wonderful, healthful world of Hokkaido kelp, we stand out for our unique products and quirky signboards, which translate to “Try it for seven days, then look in the mirror” and “We’ll take care of your husband”.
We are shattering the image that kombu (kelp) is just for soup stock, with a wide lineup of wonderful kelp products.
Enjoy free samples of our “Horafuki Kombucha” kelp tea.
We pride ourselves in being one of Otaru’s “must-see” stores.
Our top recommendation is “Aladdin’s Secret”. When added to miso soup, this powdered gagome kelp creates a rich, thick texture as if by magic!

Shop Info

Tel 0134-31-3663
Fax 0134-31-3665
Address Sakaimachi1-20
Hours From May to September 9:00~19:00
From October to April   9:00~18:00
Parking No
Holiday Open Daily
Customer Toilets Yes
Pets Allowed No
Wheelchair Access Yes